Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've been tagged!!

I've never done this before, but mags tagged me a while back and I didn't even see it. I think what I'm supposed to do is fill out this little alphabetical questionnaire type form. Well let's get to it!

Accent: Northwestern PA pug

Booze: Bowl water (on the rocks if it’s a hot day!)

Chore I Hate: Cleaning up the fuzzles all over the floor from the chew toys I have ripped up.

Dog or Cat: Both. And squirrels. I love squirrels. Oh, and birds. And bunnies. Basically anything that moves and has fur.

Essential Electronics: iPod for Dad when he walks me. Does a car count as an electronic? I like rides.

Favorite Cologne: Tommy when Dad Mike wears it and Bath & Body Works Cotton Blossom or CK Be when Dad Eric wears it.

Gold or Silver: Bronze! Celebrate your inner mediocrity!

Hometown: Chatauqua, PA

Insomnia: Not really, I take lots of naps. Sleeping is my forte.

Job Title: World-renown princess

Kids: I wish! I’ve had some corrective surgery that unfortunately can’t be undone.

Living Arrangements: Apartment.

Most Admirable Traits: Adorableness. Rambunctiousness. Wet kisses. Soft fur.

Number of Sexual Partners: Hey, I’m a lady!

Overnight Hospital Stays: None, but I had a scary overnight vet boarding stay once.

Phobias: Mysterious knocks on the door. Mailmen.

Quote: “Those who are willing to trade security for freedom deserve neither.” –Hugo Chavez (Wait, maybe he didn’t say that…but he should have. Viva la revolucion!) or “Living in a material world and I am a Material Girl.” –Madonna, or “Frida, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, and take daily runs in the park shirtless and sweaty.” –Jake Gyllenhaal. (okay, that might have been made up too. But a girl can dream…)

Religion: Zen Buddhist (trying anyway)

Siblings: Probably.

Time I Wake Up: When does Dad get up, one second after that….maybe even before.

Unusual Talent or Skill: Running at top speed and bouncing off of furniture like a yugolavian gymnast’s floor routine in pursuit of a squeaky toy or just running at top speed for the hell of it.

Vegetable I Love: Carrots, brussel sprouts.

Worst Habit: Silent dog farts.

X-Rays: Nope, but plenty of vet appointments for vaccinations and heartworm medication.

Yummy Foods I Make: Eukanuba pellets with a rich country gravvy sauce and a side of beef super supper, finished with a light, crunchy bacon and cheese flavored biscuit.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Year of the Dog maybe?


Blogger Mags said...

This was fabulous! Frida, I'm a Capricorn too! :D

9:41 AM  
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