Sunday, January 21, 2007

Holiday Pics: Jones Soda Night!

So click on the picture to the left to see an array of snaps from over Xmas. Heather (who is in NYC now...I miss her!...with my friends Bella and Bumble) bought Dad mike a holiday pack of Jones sodas, which included such tasty flavors as DINNER ROLL, PEA, TURKEY AND GRAVY, SWEET POTATO and ANTACID. So the extended family decided to, while we were all together, try them all...everyone having at least a shotglass full of each flavor. The results...pretty much what you'd expect. Next holiday, get a five-pack and try yourself! Well worth the entertainment when everybody tries.


Anonymous mightyredpen said...

Mmm, sounds vegetarian friendly. Where was the Tofurkey flavored one?

6:53 AM  
Anonymous mightyredpen said...

Also, Frida, I think you would enjoy this SO much more:

8:25 AM  
Blogger Mags said...


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