Thursday, July 27, 2006

Final 8!

So today's the day for for an update on So You Think You Can Dance after last night's performances. Now that Dmitry has been kicked off, it's time now to rally for Benji and Heidi, who just happen to be cousins, oddly enough. If you didn't catch Heidi and Travis last week, check this out:
Their Paso Doble was awesome too!
Heidi is so bubbly and seems to be able to do any style you throw at her.
Benji is loopy and as host Cat Deeley said last week, "You can't help but giggle" after his broadway routine.
Here's Benji's solo:
And lastly, the silly Zombie, Thriller-esque opener to last week's show featuring the whole troupe.
It just doesn't get any better than this in guilty pleasures, my friend...
Tonight: eliminations!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'd Like a Tall White Russian Please...

What did I tell you last post about voting?? People who regularly read this blog only have themselves to blame. Last night Dmitry had the lowest number of phone-in votes on Fox's So you Think You Can Dance show, which means he was kicked off. Look at the pictures above, America, and see what you'll be missing in the upcoming weeks. You did this to yourself. For shame, the Red Scare should be over by now! Dmitry is not about communism, but peace, love, and shirtless dancing. Oh, well, the competition is still very exciting, I'm now rooting for Benji and Heidi. I'll be blogging about the competition as it goes through its final stages in the upcoming weeks. As they get down to the best of the best, each cut is going to be deeply tragic! Check out Benji's solo performance from the other night...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dancing Queen? We can only hope...

Here’s guilty pleasure number two. Even better than Hell’s Kitchen, if only for the “fierce” competition…Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance! And it’s on tonight! Don’t miss it! Contestants are weeded down every week (like all reality shows) until we get to “America’s Favorite Dancer”! (And really, who among us would not like that title?? I know I sure would. Imagine what an instant conversation starter that would be… “Hi, I’m Frida, a fabulous princess. Oh, and by the way, I am America’s Favorite Dancer. Yeah, really, no shit. They voted for me by phone by the millions.”) Each week, lithe dancers pull out a “dancing style” from a hat and have to learn a routine in that style each week. And now starting tonight, you can vote by phone (as usual), but this time vote for individual dancers instead of by couples. Now if you are still reading this drivel, you are obligated to vote for Dmitry! He has been in the bottom of the barrel almost every week (mostly because his partners have been so god-awful! and the poor girls always get voted off--he is like the kiss of death to a dancing partner!). Yet he is so dreamy and hunky and moves softly and gently like he is gently stepping on bunnies! (But he can also rock the house with his hip-hop performances--last week was 80s pop!) He perhaps has been surviving on his light-up-the-room smile and sculpted abs (which he is smart enough to display each week, with open-shirted routines). Yet, as a dancer, he’s no slouch! He’s got ballet or ballroom skills or something like that. The judges seem to like him enough to keep him on each week. And so should you! Watch and get on the phone! Our best Russian import needs your support!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

War is Hell, and So's This Kitchen

Oh yeah, one more thing...if you watch the last episode real closely you'll see my cameo. I got to clean up after the red team. Drop that lamb, baby...

If you can't stand the hell, get outta the kitchen

Oh, well here now is one of my favorite summer reality show guilty pleasures. Fox's Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey. Watch just ONE episode and I guarantee you, you won't be able to contain yourself from repeating such phrases as "Where's the f*&#ing risoto?" or "You're cooking like a f*&$ing donkey!" or last week's "You all have paletes like the backside of a cow!" Highly entertaining. Highly reccomended. They are down to the final 5 after last night's episode and things are gonna get catty, my friends. At stakes is their own posh Las Vegas restaurant from Chef Ramsey. If you missed it last night, watch next Monday; there should be a recap of the previous episode and then the all-new, see who gets humiliated and broken down by Ramsey's relentless verbal browbeating. And really, didn't Elanor Roosevelt say something like "You can't let someone verbally abuse you without your consent?" (You bet they signed the forms.) Well, it was something like that.
Next up, tomorrow: My OTHER favorite summer reality show guilty pleasure...and it's on FOX too!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You little Flickr

Well if you haven't been browsing around the photo-sharing website Flickr (which was recently bought by Yahoo!), then what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free acount and start your own digital photostream. Hey, it's better than that old shoebox that you've been keeping those vacation snaps in. The pic above is my Dad's Flickr page...check it out. His screenname is ericgrigs and here is a link to his stuff:
There's a bunch of pics of me in a separate album if you're interested. Happy browsing!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Head-butt heard around the world

Did anybody see this on Suday?? We were watching the World Cup Finals with some friends and this was possibly the most exciting part of the whole game! Everyone's all abuzz with "What did the one dude say to the other dude that made him so mad he wanted to ram his head into the guy's chest?" Soccer hooligans are the best, I tell you. I'm surprised there weren't riots! Watch the video here if you haven't seen it and weigh in on Zidane's technique...