Friday, January 26, 2007

Running with the BIG dogs

Here are some pictures of me taken at daycare by Patrick, one of the staff members at Crate Escape who is usually there when Dad Eric drops me off. Sometimes I get kinda nervous when Dad leaves me there. I get all anxious for some reason and worry that he won't come back. But he always does. And then I get to go home and have some treats. I am adjusting well to the frequent visits (I ususally get to go about twice a week, but the days change, so I never quite know what to expect in the morning. It's always a surprise!) I have fun at daycare. I get to run around and jump and play. And there are some bigger kids there that I've been able to play with. It makes me feel big when I am allowed to spend time with them. It's pretty fun pretty much all day. Super fun. I have energy in the car ride home, but after that, I am zonked. Check out the picture of me in the crowd. I am already becoming the star pupil. Hope everyone has a great Dad Mike is coming home from India this weekend!! I am so excited!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Holiday Pics: Jones Soda Night!

So click on the picture to the left to see an array of snaps from over Xmas. Heather (who is in NYC now...I miss her!...with my friends Bella and Bumble) bought Dad mike a holiday pack of Jones sodas, which included such tasty flavors as DINNER ROLL, PEA, TURKEY AND GRAVY, SWEET POTATO and ANTACID. So the extended family decided to, while we were all together, try them all...everyone having at least a shotglass full of each flavor. The results...pretty much what you'd expect. Next holiday, get a five-pack and try yourself! Well worth the entertainment when everybody tries.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Crate Escape

Hi all! Just wanted to tell you a little bit about my new favorite place. My Dads thought I was getting bored during the day and being mopey and unhappy since I am home alone all day. So they signed me up for doggie day care at this great place called Crate Escape! I get to go once or twice a week and run around like crazy with other dogs. They put a bunch of us in special areas in this warehouse and play with us and let us run, and jump, and play, and bark! It is so much fun. There's one area that has a doggie door in it so we can go outside to this fenced in area if we want to. My first day as the new kid was a half day last Thursday and now I can go full days. I can't wait for my next visit. Sorry I don't have pictures of me "in action" or of the inside...maybe next visit. I was just so excited I forgot to take any pictures until I was leaving the place. but I got the outside of the building. Notice the theme: LOTS of fire hydrants.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Kiss

Here is a little kiss I gave to Forrest. I couldn't tell you how he's related to me, but Dad Eric has said something like my Dad's cousin's son. Regardless, I love it when he comes over to play because he is closer to my height and always happy to see me. I'm glad we got to get together even for a little bit when we went back to Erie to visit family over the holidays. His grandma says he likes to post pictures of me on his bedroom wall and asks his mom if he can have a Frida dog too. I hope I will get to post more pictures of me and Forrest soon!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Xmas pictures

Lots of photos to share from Christmas morning. My Dads got me lots of presents, but of course I needed some help unwrapping the boxes and bags. I was able to stick my head in the bags but paws aren't especially helpful in opening boxes. I got bunches of squeaky toys and one was a furry rabbit. It reminds me of the squirrels that run up the trees in our neighborhood. I bet this is what they'd be like if I ever catch one. I like to carry it around in my mouth a lot. There also were "candy cane" rawhides! Leave me a little comment and let me know how your holiday was and if you got any cool squeaky toys too!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Resolution #1

Gamble less.

Car Ride to Erie

Happy New Year everyone!
I didn't post much over the holidays, because, well, isn't that the point of a get away from it all?? But now I am back on the flip side of the new year and I wanted to share my experiences in travel from my trip back to Erie with my Dads to visit family. I'll try to start with the posts in chronological order. So I made a little collage of photos from the car ride there. It is about 8 to 9 hours from Boston to Erie (depending on how many stops you make...and my tiny bladder needs lots of them). I don't remember an awful lot from the trip because I slept a lot; well most of the way really, on a very soft blanket in the back seat. Tomorrow I'll post a few shots of Xmas and my bounty!!